Hot and Cold Food Items

D Miguel Bomb Beef Bean Burrito 14oz
D Miguel Sausage Egg Burrito 7oz
D Miguel Shredded Beef Cheese Burrito
D N Bites Croissant Ham Egg Cheese
Dex Mega Omelet Sausage Bacon
Dex Burritos
Dex Chicken _ Swiss
Dex Deli Express Chicken salad
Dex Market Meg Msked Turky _ Cheese Wedge
G Chile Burrito Chichen Fajita 7oz
Dex Sausage Egg Cheese Pancake 5.7oz
DN Bites Biscuit Sasage Egg Cheese
El Mont Burrito
Hot Pockets
Tuscan Sun Deli Sandwhiches
Hot Dogs


Grocery Items

Automotive and Misc Supplies

Basic Medicine

Gum and Candy

Ice Cream